Wednesday, September 7, 2011

18 Months

 Sunday, my baby girl turned 18 months old.  She is such a mess and SO independent.  We went to her 18 month check up this afternoon and she acted like such a big girl.  She is 30 lbs and 35 in tall - 99th percentile in both height and weight.  She had to get a flu shot and a Hep C shot which caused a little bit of a meltdown.

She has learned the Itsy Bitsy Spider at daycare and she is so cute doing the motions - it cracks me up.  Also, I'm not exactly sure where she gets her dancing skills from but they are so funny! I will try to get a good video of her dancing and post it.

Monday, my friend Sadie and I took Addi to a little place where they have blow up slides and several things kids can ride/play on.  She LOVED it!  Mommy, on the other hand, is a getting too old to be climbing and running around - but it was fun!
Her on the little choo-choo train
I think she could have stayed in this baby pool filled with balls all day

She's at such a fun age and we are having a great time playing and going different places!

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