Monday, July 11, 2011

You talkin' to me?

Addi had her speech therapy evaluation last Thursday. I was anxious to talk to the therapist because I was just so confused as to how she would work with a 16 month old who doesn’t really talk much? I learned A LOT! First of all, she thinks Addi might be delayed with her speech obviously because of the head trauma she had at birth, but also because of all of the ear infections she had last year. She said it’s basically like having a head full of water. I know I hate when I have water in my ears or they are stopped up, so I can’t imagine what Addi was feeling! Currently, she is at a 9 month level with her language expression and a 12 month level with language comprehension. So basically she understands what we are saying, but she can’t really express herself through verbal communication. Right now she says about 6 words, but it should be more. She said because Addi has excellent social skills and plays very well that her language expression is very “fixable”. I was SO happy to hear that! I was even happier to hear that the therapist will be working with her twice a month! I will be sitting in on the visits once a month as well. One of the tips she gave me was to read, read, read! Addi loves for you to read to her, so I went and bought even more books this weekend. I think I have read Brown Bear, Brown Bear 20 times since Saturday, haha!

Addi also had her physical therapy last week. She is doing very well and we are currently working on going up and down the stairs. So far so good! She is very cautious and is always stepping around toys and anything that might be in her way. Most kids plow right over stuff and end up falling. Her teacher at daycare was even bragging about her being so careful compared to the other girls in her class. We both thought that it was a good thing, but her PT said she needs to work on stepping over the toys, not around them. We have a lot of “homework”, but I’m SO proud of the progress she has made so far!

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