Saturday, July 16, 2011


I thought I would write a little update on what's been going on lately...

I FINALLY got this...
Which means I will be taking TONS of pictures.  Right now I'm just trying to figure the camera out, so don't judge my picture taking skills. I'm loving it so far! Here are a few pictures that I have taken this week...
Getting ready for "school"
Pretty Girl!
Always on the go!
Eating french toast sticks and strawberries!
Blowing kisses
Playing with her puzzle while watching Mickey!

Another thing that has been going on is that I joined Weight Watchers about 2 weeks ago.  I've only lost about 5 lbs, but that's because I'm pretty much eating what I want on Saturdays and Sundays.  For instance, today I was really good for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner we got Big Bolton's to go and I had ribs and fries...We also splurged and got a piece of Reese Cup Pie.  It was good though!   I haven't had a problem staying with the diet during the week though.  I've found a really good website to help me out with recipes - Skinny Taste

We have a bbq trailer that is set up at a gas station about a mile from our house (wow, that sounds redneck!) Brad and I have stopped there a few times and it's really good.  But, today, we saw another trailer set up next to it and it was shaved ice!!! YUMMM!  I didn't have any cash to stop today, but we will definitely be stopping by tomorrow if it's there.  I LOVE snow cones!

I've been sorting through all of Addi's clothes she can't wear anymore in order to sell them.  I've debated selling them because I thought if we have another girl that I could pass them down.  But then I decided that I would want to buy new clothes all over again if we got pregnant again! haha.  So, I would rather have the money now and be able to buy Addi new clothes for this fall/winter.  I'm definitely saving all of her clothes that really mean something and Brad requested that I save all Bama stuff.  haha.  I forgot how many clothes she had! 

Today, we had to reduce the price of our house by $15,000.  We also decided to put it up for rent.  I'm REALLY hoping it sells.  I can't wait to get rid of that house! Please pray it sells quickly.  It's been on the market since March (I think) and no one has even looked at it.  We also have to find and repair a water leak because we got a $400 water bill last month.  

I know this is a completely random post, but this is what's been going on with the Alstons lately!

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  1. I sell the clothes too, I am with you that I would rather have the cash now to update wardrobes than hold onto it and keep up with it for a few years. Plus styles change, and who knows if the seasons will be the same for the size. LOVE the new camera. I am STILL trying to learn how to use mine over a year later. I took an online class and told myself I would reread the book they sent us and really go through it step by step but I have yet to do that. Praying your house sells. We would love to move to Alabama and buy it, but we are still a few years away from that.