Monday, June 6, 2011


Yesterday, after church, Addi just wasn't acting herself.  All she wanted to do was lay down and she was super whiny.  I thought I would go ahead and take her to VBS with me, but before we went I decided to take her temperature.  It was at least 100 (she was wiggling around so much I gave up after I saw she had a fever).  I ended up leaving her with Brad.  She slept 12 hours last night.  I went ahead and took her to the doctor this morning.  She said that Addi has a virus and it was her throat hurting and not her ears like I had originally thought.  All we can do is give her tylenol for the fever and pain.  This is what she did today...
She is usually running around getting into anything and everything, so this is definitely not like her.  I'm hoping she feels better tomorrow!

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