Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I can't believe last year on Mother's Day Addi was only 3 months old and was dedicated at church.  This year, I woke up to a gift certificate to get a massage and my hubby even cooked me breakfast and served it to me in bed!  He's the GREATEST!

After church, we met his mom at Cracker Barrel.  My child acted up and I took her out to play with the toys.  I can't stand paying for dinner and have a screaming kid sitting next to my table, therefore, I will not subject anyone else to that!  I ended up eating my Mother's Day lunch at home so Brad and his mom could visit.  If we want to go out to eat from now on, we will be getting it to go. :)

After a two hour nap Addi was ready to play!  Here she is in her cute little tutu swimsuit my sweet friend gave her for her b'day.  I love it! She's always on the go, so it's hard to get a good picture of her. haha!
She loves playing in her pool.  Except she doesn't want to sit down, she would much rather stand (she wont sit in the bathtub either). Which makes a very nervous mommy.

That night we went to eat dinner with my parents.  My mom and I are very close.  Brad makes fun of how often we call each other during the day. haha.  I'm VERY thankful for her and I couldn't ask for a better mom!

God has blessed me with the most beautiful baby girl and I'm so thankful to be her mommy!

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