Wednesday, May 4, 2011

14 Months...

I still can’t believe how fast Addi is growing! It’s like after she turned 1 she’s learning so many new things! She’s becoming very independent and stubborn (just like her daddy j/k) There are sometimes she likes to be held, but for the most part she prefers walking around trying to find something to get into. Now she is tall enough to reach and open doors.

When it comes to food, she will eat anything. I’ve tried to start letting her feed herself with her fork or spoon, but it’s SO messy. She understands the concept, but I’m not sure she’s coordinated enough for that yet haha. She still says “mmm” after every single bite. Yogurt and French toast sticks are probably her favs.

Our sleeping situation has defintely gotten better. She has slept all night in her bed for the past week or so. We still have to wait until she falls asleep and then put her to bed. But I have learned if she wakes up as I’m putting her in the bed to just let her whine as long as she is still laying down – it usually only lasts about 5-10 minutes. Now if she stands up and screams bloody murder, then I go get her and put her in bed with us

Addi has learned to hit and scratch. She knows she is doing wrong and no matter how many times I tell her “no” she keeps on. We started popping her on the hand, but that still doesn’t seem to help. The other night she scratched me and Brad told her no and then popped her hand and she went to screaming, but two seconds later she was running to him to hold her and she was all smiles once in his arms. She’s strong willed that’s for sure!

Here are some other things she says/does:
• She can say “mama” “dada” “nana” “kitty” “hey” “bye” and “duck”
• She loves playing with my hair and everytime I hold her she starts running her fingers through it. We know she is sleepy when she starts playing with her own hair.
• Every time music starts playing she sways back and forth and moves her arms. She loves to dance. In      fact, last night she was walking and I started singing the “hot dog dance” song and she fell down b/c she was trying to walk and dance at the same time! Haha.
• She hates the process of getting dressed and it’s normally a fight to dress her every morning.
• She loves “school” and is so happy to see her teachers. On the other hand, she screams when we drop her off in the nursery every Sunday at church.

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  1. Its funny to read this update because AJ turns 14 months old on the 9th and she is doing so many of the same things! Luckily she's not tall enough to open doors, but she can just barely reach the handle and she tries to turn it!

    AJ is also doing the mmmmm after each and everything she eats. It is hilarious! My hubby keeps telling her that she's giving me a big head by complimenting my cooking so much, but I just love it!