Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the Move

Thursday night I left Addi home with Brad while a friend and I went to a consignment sale and dinner.  While we were eating Brad sent me a video with Addi walking by herself! I couldn't believe it and I was so happy!  She was in bed when I got home, but the next morning we got her to do it again.  She is slowly but surely getting the hang of it.  She takes a few steps here and there, but I know it wont be too long and she will be running around the house!  She is already practically running when she pushes her little toy around the house.  It cracks me up!

Today was a beautiful day in Alabama!  I really wanted to take Addi to the zoo, but everyone was a party pooper and wouldn't tag along.  Instead mom, Addi and I went to meet my beautiful mommy-to-be cousin for lunch and then we just spent the rest of the day hanging out with my parents.  Brad was busy playing with his new riding lawn mower and then going to the old house to FINALLY sign all the papers with our realtor and put a for sale sign in the yard. I'm praying it sells quickly (I'm needing a new car and we need to finish the basement and not to mention i'm tired of paying two mortgages each month!).  Addi didn't get much of a nap today so she's been in bed since 7:00 and hopefully she will sleep all night.

I feel like a bad mom lately b/c I haven't taken any pictures.  That's definitely something I will be working on this week!

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  1. Hooray for Addi walking! I want to cuddle her again soon!! And the next time you want to go to the zoo, give me a call. I'm always wanting to go and it's always more fun with other people!