Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Monday...

It doesn't matter how much rest I get over the weekend, it's still SO hard to wake up on Monday morning.  Monday's are my busiest day b/c I have bible study and zumba and somehow have to cook dinner and clean house.  I let the crockpot help me out with dinner today.  :)

Addi was still fussy this morning and that's just not like her at all.  After I got to work I decided to call the doctor's office and talk to a nurse.  She said to bring her in.  It turns out she has some type of virus that's affecting her tummy and making her stay congested.  Bless my sweet girl!  Brad's parents kept her this afternoon so I could go back to work.  I'm thinking she's on the last leg of this virus, so hopefully she will feel better soon!

Storms are working their way towards us, so all of my Monday night activities have been canceled.  I'm planning on spending a lazy night in front of the tv with my fam!

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