Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doctors and Stormy Weather

Yesterday, Addi had an appointment with her neurologist.  I will never forget the day we met him for the first time.  He showed up at the hospital 3 hours late and I seriously didn't understand one thing he said.  He offered us more confusion rather than answers.  Needless to say we didn't think too highly of him. We have been to see him about 4 times since she was released from the hospital and we have grown to love him.  At her appointment yesterday, he gave her a pat on the back and said he didn't have to see her again unless problems developed sometime down the road.  At our last appointment, 6 months ago, her EEG was normal, but he did tell us that she could possibly have seizures again when she gets a little older.  We are continuing to pray that does not happen and that we will have no reason to go to his office again. 

We played outside yesterday afternoon :)

This morning I woke up around 5:30 to find out we were having severe weather.  (Brad is going to buy us a weather radio this afternoon)  A lot of the schools were delayed opening.  I called the daycare to find out if there were planning on closing early.  She said they would probably close around 12 or 1.  I made the decision just to stay home with her since I would only be going to work for about 3 hours anyways.  More bad weather is expected tonight.  I'm thankful we have a basement to go to if it gets really bad!

We have had so much fun playing today.  She has been walking around the house with a paci in each hand.  Every few minutes she will take one out and put the other in! haha!  She's currently napping and i'm having some "me" time.  I could get used to staying home :) 

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