Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Life seems to be going so fast lately.  My days are a blur and I always have to ask someone what day it is.  I sleep, wake up, get ready, get Addi ready and fed, take her to daycare, go to work, pick her up, come home, cook, eat, clean, bath time, and then I hand her over to Brad so maybe I can have 30 minutes to myself and then I repeat the process all over again the next day.  I long for the weekends when we can just be together as a family.  Most of my weekends consist of catching up on housework, grocery shopping and laundry.  Times like these make me want to be a stay at home mom so badly.  I'm not saying they have it easy at all.  In fact it's probably 10 times harder than my job now.  Addi is growing up so quickly and I feel like i'm missing out on so much.  She is with the daycare at least 9 hours out of the day.  That's 45 hours a week that I'm missing out on - that's crazy just thinking about!!  I know right now I have to work.  I want to be able to provide a good future for her and not have to worry about money because we are living off one income.  Brad works so hard to provide for us and he's the best husband and daddy to Addi that I could ever ask for.  I'm not trying to sound like a Debbie Downer and I'm very thankful I have a job.  I just sometimes wish life would slow down.  Maybe I just need to slow down and enjoy every second I get with my family.  

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  1. Mary Beth, I definitely understand where you are coming from. Staying home was never an option for me nor will it ever be an option. When I go pick Braegan up from daycare and they tell me that she has done something new, I always hate that I wasn't there. But I have come to realize that I must enjoy every moment I have with her. So when she sleeps on your shoulder or wants to play with you- stop and enjoy every second. Hope all is well with your family. Amy