Sunday, January 2, 2011

101 in 1,001

I decided to follow along with my friend Jae and do a 101 list of things I want to accomplish in 1,001 days.  This list is really hard for me! I have only come up with 47 so far and I will continue to think and update when I have other goals to add to the list :)  I will also try to blog every time I complete something on the list.  Here it goes!

So far here is my 47...

  1. Take a family vacation to the beach
  2. Go to Nashville for the weekend, just me, Brad and Addi
  3. Lose 20 pounds
  4. Work out every day for a month
  5. Run a mile without stopping
  6. Pay off our Best Buy Card
  7. Pay off Brad’s school loans
  8. Save $10,000
  9. Put $5,000 in Addi’s account
  10. Spend only $50 a week in groceries for one month
  11. Learn how to sew
  12. Buy dining room furniture
  13. Buy bedroom furniture
  14. Re-decorate our bedroom
  15. Re-read Redeeming Love
  16. Go one week without watching TV
  17. Memorize 5 scriptures I do not know
  18. Read the New Testament
  19. Print and frame pictures of Addi
  20. Blog everyday for a week
  21. Have a date night with Brad at least once a week for a month
  22. Go on a girls trip
  23. Refinish a piece of furniture
  24. Sell our other house
  25. Go one week without getting on FB
  26. Send a note/card to a friend “just because”
  27. Giveaway everything in my closet that hasn’t been worn in a year
  28. Have family portraits made
  29. Send out birthday cards to all my friends and family
  30. Makeover my blog
  31. Teach Addi to say “momma”
  32. Get up early enough to have quiet time before work for at least a week
  33. Run a 5K
  34. Learn how to use my camera (it’s too fancy for me!)
  35. Go on a spur of the moment trip with Brad and Addi
  36. Go hunting with Brad
  37. Learn how to make bows (that go on gifts)
  38. Buy a frontloader washer and dryer
  39. Get Addi a puppy
  40. Re-kindle an old friendship
  41. Try a new restaurant
  42. Organize my recipes
  43. Meet 5 new friends
  44. Take a trip to NC to visit Lindsay
  45. Blog about each goal I accomplish
  46. Take Addi back to the NICU on her first birthday
  47. Cook dinner using the crock pot for one week
  48. Go on a mission trip
  49. buy an iPad

Oh and FYI - These goals are NOT in order of importance!  I started out using categories, but got tired of that so I just made the list as I came up with things! Check out this website for more details.