Friday, December 3, 2010

9 Months Old

Addi is growing up SO fast. Her hair is growing even faster! It looks like it grows an inch every day. It’s very blonde. Brad’s hair was this color when he was younger and now his is dark brown, so I’m interested to see what color her hair will be. My hair on the other hand was pretty much orange when I was younger.It has a little more blonde to it now.

Brad thinks I’m crazy, but I’m trying to teach her sign language. I just started this week, so she hasn’t learned anything yet. I’ve had several people tell me that it’s a great way for your child to communicate with you before they can talk. Currently, I’m teaching her mommy, eat and kitty. I figured we would start slow.

She is not crawling yet, but has mastered going from a sitting position to her tummy. She is somewhat mobile b/c she scoots on her hiney.  It's the cutest thing ever. haha! She can also stand up if she’s holding on to something and can pull up to her knees on the crib. Her PT continues to work with her once a month and says she’s doing well.

She is so funny and has us laughing all of the time. She LOVES to clap and say “dada”. When she doesn’t want something she shakes her head back and forth (she specifically does this when I try to give her grape flavored medicine!). She has this fake cry and I can’t help but laugh at her when she does it.

We go for her 9 month well visit next Tuesday, so I’m not really sure how much she weighs or how tall she is. Two of her teeth are coming in on top – that makes four little teethies!! She is still wearing 12-18 month clothing. I’ve already got her wearing Christmas clothing b/c if I don’t put it on her now then she will never be able to wear it all!

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