Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend and Another Ear Infection!

Last Thursday was our Footprints meeting.  We made 50 bags to be delivered to the hospital.  I LOVE being a part of this ministry and knowing that we are helping these NICU families.  This year, we have the opportunity to "adopt" a needy NICU family for Christmas.  I'm SO excited about this!  Addi is a little too young to open all kinds of presents this year, so instead Brad and I will be adopting a family and buying them presents!  Don't worry, Addi will still get a MANY presents from her grandparents and a few from us, but we just wanted to put our money towards this ministry this year :)

Anyways, Lurenda and I delivered the bags to the hospital Friday.  I was so excited to see our favorite nurse!! Every time I have come to visit she hasn't been there.  We just hugged and cried.  I showed her some pictures and she couldn't believe how much Addi has grown!  She will never know how much she means to our family.  When Addi was sick she was the only one to offer to pray over her with us.  She's a VERY special person!

Friday and Saturday Brad went hunting, so Addi and I spent time with my parents.  Saturday morning mom and I went to eat breakfast with my favorite cousin.  I miss spending time with her! 

Sunday, we went to church and then to the outlets.  We had our bible study Thanksgiving party that night and then we crashed!

Addi was such a happy baby this weekend and I thought she was finally feeling better.  Well, this morning I get a call from the daycare saying she won't stop crying and she wont eat a bottle.  I went to pick her up and take her to the doctor. Guess what?!?! She has another ear infection!  I think this makes 7 since August.  Tonight, she seems to be feeling a little better, but she has a fever of 101.3.  Hopefully it will be gone in the morning!

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