Monday, November 29, 2010

Sick Day

Since Addi was so sick yesterday, we made the decision to keep her home today.  She was still snotty and I couldn't send her to daycare like that.  Especially considering she got sick in the first place b/c  other parent's send their kids to daycare sick.  I do, however, understand some parent's don't have a choice but to send them. 

She slept until 8:00 and we stayed in our pj's all day!  I could tell she still didn't feel good, but she definitely wasn't as bad as yesterday!  We cuddled and played A LOT.  Even though she was sick, we still had a great day! She didn't get a good nap, so she ended up going to bed at 7:30.

We have discovered that she HATES grape flavoring.  She shakes her head and refuses to take the medicine.  This morning, I just put it in her bottle and gave it to her that way.  Tonight, I put her passy in one side of her mouth and squirted the medicine with a syringe in the other side.  That seemed to have worked!! 

Here's a picture of her at snack time today...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving break started on Wednesday night.  We decided to go ahead and drive up to the farm and spend the night.  That was def a good idea considering it's very hard to get up early and travel with a 9 month old!  Plus we had three places to be (all in different cities) Thanksgiving Day, so that helped on the travel time! Here is a pic of Addi boo on our way up to the farm...
 When we arrived we opened the back door to find her sleeping like this...
This is how she sleeps at home and I think it's the cutest thing ever!  I went ahead and gave her a bath and put her jams on before we left and I guess she thought is was bedtime!

Thanksgiving day we ate breakfast in Addison, Alabama.  The majority of Brad's family haven't met Addi yet, so it was fun for everyone to finally meet her!  Our next stop was Arley.  We ate lunch there.  We then packed up and headed back to Trussville to eat another late lunch at my parent's house.   By the end of the day, we were stuffed!  Addi was worn out b/c she had been passed around all day.  She definitely was the center of attention everywhere we went!  All in all she had a GREAT first Thanksgiving!

Brad had to work Friday morning and then he and Chad watched the game at our house and then headed back to the farm for a weekend of hunting.   I had some of my very best friends over Friday night.  I love when we all get together.  All we do is eat and talk, but it's so much fun and it's like we've never been apart! I couldn't ask for better friends!

 For the first time in a LONG time I didn't go shopping on Black Friday.  I enjoyed cuddle time with my Addi and we just slept in.  We are definitely cutting back on Christmas gifts this year and I'm just finding better deals online.  Plus I don't have to fight the crowds. 

Addi woke up fussy Saturday morning.  I just knew I would be taking her to the doctor come Monday morning.  I went ahead and gave her some ibuprofin b/c I knew her ears hurt.  She seemed to be better, UNTIL she woke up Sunday.  I took her temp and it was 103.  This confirmed in my mind that she def had another ear infection!  Brad and I loaded her up and headed to the doctor as soon as they opened.  He prescribed another antibiotic that will hopefully last until she gets her tubes on the 9th.  I'm definitely looking forward to the 9th!  I just want her to feel better.

I will leave you with one more pic of my girl.  The headband is a little much, but I like it and that's all that matters :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend and Another Ear Infection!

Last Thursday was our Footprints meeting.  We made 50 bags to be delivered to the hospital.  I LOVE being a part of this ministry and knowing that we are helping these NICU families.  This year, we have the opportunity to "adopt" a needy NICU family for Christmas.  I'm SO excited about this!  Addi is a little too young to open all kinds of presents this year, so instead Brad and I will be adopting a family and buying them presents!  Don't worry, Addi will still get a MANY presents from her grandparents and a few from us, but we just wanted to put our money towards this ministry this year :)

Anyways, Lurenda and I delivered the bags to the hospital Friday.  I was so excited to see our favorite nurse!! Every time I have come to visit she hasn't been there.  We just hugged and cried.  I showed her some pictures and she couldn't believe how much Addi has grown!  She will never know how much she means to our family.  When Addi was sick she was the only one to offer to pray over her with us.  She's a VERY special person!

Friday and Saturday Brad went hunting, so Addi and I spent time with my parents.  Saturday morning mom and I went to eat breakfast with my favorite cousin.  I miss spending time with her! 

Sunday, we went to church and then to the outlets.  We had our bible study Thanksgiving party that night and then we crashed!

Addi was such a happy baby this weekend and I thought she was finally feeling better.  Well, this morning I get a call from the daycare saying she won't stop crying and she wont eat a bottle.  I went to pick her up and take her to the doctor. Guess what?!?! She has another ear infection!  I think this makes 7 since August.  Tonight, she seems to be feeling a little better, but she has a fever of 101.3.  Hopefully it will be gone in the morning!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Last Monday, we visited the ENT to talk about putting tubes in Addi's ears.  When they looked in her ears they just said that she had fluid behind them, but they weren't infected.  Towards the end of the week I noticed she was still congested, so I scheduled her an appointment with her pediatrician.  We get there Friday morning and he tells me her ears are definitely infected!  He said an infection can start to develop within four hours and that's why she didn't have the infection on Monday.  He didn't want her to go to daycare that day, so my weekend started Friday morning! 

Saturday morning we had a yard sale!  Brad stayed home with Addi b/c it was SO cold outside!  That afternoon I took my yard sale money and went shopping.  They have just opened a new outlet mall in town and I decided to go see what I could find.  I bought Addi a few things and after I spent my limit I went to some friend's house and watched the rest of the Bama game. 

We ended up not going to church Sunday b/c Addi was still snotty and I didn't want her around the other babies in the nursery.  I ended up going to Christmas village with my BFF and Addi.  It turned out to be a great afternoon! Addi had her first picture made with Santa!  She didn't smile, but we ended up with a decent picture.  The crazy guy taking the pictures made her pout up.  I would probably pout too if some weirdo was squeaking a toy in my face trying to make me smile! haha.

All in all we had a great weekend and I definitely enjoyed the extra hour of sleep!

First Halloween

I know that I am a little late, but I wanted to write about Addi's first Halloween.  A couple of months ago I began looking for costumes for her and I found a pink elephant.  I thought it was so cute, so I ordered it right away!  She was the CUTEST pink elephant ever!

Our neighborhood celebrated Halloween on Saturday night, so we decided to go do some trick or treating of our own.  Since she is too young to go around door to door, we just went to see family.  Our first stop was to my mamaw's house. She kept me while my mom worked from the time I was 6 weeks old until I was old enough to stay by myself.  Mom used to take me to her house every Halloween so she could see me dressed up.  I decided to do the same with Addi this year! 

We also made a few stops to both of our parent's house. Our little elephant began to get sleepy and we called it a night. Sunday, we went to our church's fall festival.  It was so much fun! She was really good and didn't mind being dressed up.  Here are a few pictures...