Monday, October 25, 2010


It's been FOREVER since my last post.  I've just been so busy lately.  Since Addi will be 8 months old next week and I skipped her 7 month post, here are some Addi updates:

* She will scoot around on her tummy to reach toys, but she's not crawling yet
* She LOVES to clap!
* She eats either yogurt or a fruit and cereal for breakfast and a fruit and veggie for lunch and dinner along with 3 to 4  6 ounce bottles
* "Da da" is her favorite word - we are working on "ma ma" :)
* She weighs 21 lb. 8 oz.
* She's wearing 12-18 month clothing b/c she is so long!
* She can hold and drink out of a sippy cup, but she prefers banging it on things instead
* We bought her first pair of shoes about a month ago and she loves to bang them together to hear them squeak

I need to update this blog more often just so I can remember everything she is accomplishing.  She's growing SO fast. 

Since August we have been to the doctor every 2 weeks b/c she keeps getting ear infections.  It's hard to tell when she is sick b/c she's such a good baby and hardly ever cries.  They told me at daycare the other day that she cries MAYBE once a week.  (Just thought I would brag for a second ) :)  Anyways, I've figured out that whenever she has a stuffy nose more than likely she has an ear infection.  Well, I took her to the doctor yet again today and he said it's time for tubes.  We are meeting with the ENT on Monday.  I've heard once they get tubes they are completely different babies and it makes such a difference.  I just don't want her to hurt anymore!

 Her doctor told me today how impressed with her he is.  She's surprised everyone with how well she is developing.  Her physical therapist came to see her last week and gave her a great report.  The only thing she has noticed is that Addi doesn't roll around a lot.  I've seen her roll over before and I truly just think she doesn't care to!  The PT gave us some exercises to work on, but she said there is no cause for concern.  I just have to realize that all babies develop differently and at their own pace.  It's still hard not to compare her to other babies her age. 

Maybe I wont wait two months before I update again :)

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