Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Weekend with the Fam!

We have just had the best weekend! It was spent relaxing, eating too much and football!  Friday night we went out to eat and then to my parent's house.  I think Addi is getting shy like her momma!  We ran in to some people we knew at the restaurant and when they would speak to her she just put her head down and wouldn't look at them!  When she is with us, she is so talkative and NOT shy.  I think it's cute that her little personality is starting to come out. 

We had people over for the game Saturday.  I just love having a house full of people watching the game! The boys smoked some chicken, I made baked beans, and we had pie and cake for dessert. Here is Addi in her football jersey saying "Roll Tide!"
  Today, we were pretty lazy.  Addi was kind of fussy this morning, so we didn't make it to church.  I think she has more teeth coming in.  We spent the rest of the day doing laundry, napping and playing with Addi boo!

Brad starts a new job tomorrow, so be praying for him. I'm SO proud of him and all of his accomplishments! I will leave y'all with one more picture of my girl... She is definitely teething because her shirt is soaking wet from where she's been drooling! But, it's still a cute picture :)

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