Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Much Needed Update

I have been super busy lately and just haven't had time to update.  Please forgive me!  By the time I get home from work, play with my Addi boo, cook dinner, bathe Addi, put her to bed and make bottles for the next day, I'm usually pretty exhausted!  Being a full time working mom really is a lot of work!

I've been trying to work out lately.  I went to Zumba three days last week and tried to run the days that I didn't go.  I would probably be losing more weight if I could stay away from McDonald's caramel frappes and "It's Your Birthday Cake" ice cream from Publix!  I'm seriously addicted to both.

My Addi boo is growing so fast! I just want to make time stand still.  Before I know it I'm going to be chasing her around the house.  Today was her first day to try rice cereal with a spoon.  She didn't really know what to think! Here's a pic:
She didn't eat very much, but i'm sure she will get the hang of it before too long!

This morning Brad came to me and said "Mary Beth you have to see this".  I followed him to Addi's room and looked in her crib.  She had completely turned herself around during the night.  Her head was where her feet were and vice versa.  I had to take a picture.
Hand in Hand is coming to work with her tomorrow, so hopefully I will have an update on her progress.  So far she has done fantastic!  She's ALMOST to the point where she can sit up by herself.  She likes tummy time for about 5 minutes and then she's over it.  She can roll over, but would rather just lay there. Haha!

Until next time...