Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Month Doctor's Visit, Hand in Hand and A Weekend Away

Today, I took Addi to her four month check up.  She weighs 17 lbs. 6 oz. (97th percentile) and 26 inches long (91st percentile).  Because of her previous stomach infections he wants to keep her on the Alimentum until her 6 month visit (Sept. 7th).  He said maybe a few weeks before that visit I can try to give her some rice cereal.  I can't wait until we start with baby foods b/c I feel bad feeding her just formula.  If it was me I would get sick of it!  I know that's all she knows, but she has to be ready for something new.  My mom said that all I ate was formula until I was one.  I guess all doctors have different opinions about when you should start feeding them baby food.  Addi's situation is a little different though.  I'm glad we are taking extra precautions to ensure nothing happens that shouldn't.  Apparently we are also in the market for a new car seat.  The one she is in now has a max weight of 20 lbs.  The doctor said she should stay in a rear facing car seat until she is 20 pounds AND a year old.  I thought it was one or the other, but I guess I was wrong!  I'm going shopping for one this weekend.  I also have to buy more pj's for her.  She's outgrowing them so fast.  She's so long that she needs size 9 or 12 months b/c the others are way too short. 

Last week, Addi's physical therapist came to work with her.  She got a GREAT report!  I'm so thankful she has the opportunity to work with Hand in Hand.  It's actually something good that came out of everything that happened.  Her therapist always gives me little exercises I can do with her.  The little tips she gives me would probably be good for any parent of an infant. She also lets me know how she should be developing.  As a first time parent, I'm not really sure what milestones she should be reaching and at what age she should be reaching them.  So, the therapist is a good resource for me!  For instance, Addi found her feet at about 4 months old and the therapist told me that was really great because that is really something most babies do at 5 months old.  That made me feel really good to know Addi is marching right along with meeting her developmental milestones!

This past weekend I went to Atlanta to be with some of my very best friends.  We had so much fun!  I love that we can go months without seeing each other and then when we get together it's like no time has passed at all.  This was Brad's first weekend to keep Addi all by himself.  I trust him more than anyone to take care of her, but I was still a little nervous.  When I got home I expected to see the house a wreck but instead he had cleaned our bedroom, washed all the dirty clothes and organized our closet!  I was so surprised!  And Addi was all in one piece! 


  1. Brad did such a good job with her. We were there Friday and Saturday and I have to say I was very impressed. :) Love the house!! If you are in the market for a carseat, I suggest a convertible one. They can face forward or backward and are for like 20-40 lbs. Jacob is still in his. Addi is precious!! That was my first time to see her in person.

  2. I'm sad I missed y'all - lets all get together soon! I think Brad has done an excellent job with her so far. He impresses me more and more each day. Thanks for the carseat suggestion. There are so many to choose from that it's hard for me to make a decision!