Thursday, May 6, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I was inspired by Sandy's blog and decided to make a list of my current favorite things!

1. The Food Network
I love love love to cook! I could also sit and watch other people cook on the food network all day. It not only makes me hungry watching it, but it gives me ideas to use in the kitchen! I love all of the shows, but favorite has to be Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. It makes me want to travel to all of the different places and try the restaurants out!

2. Australian Gold's Forever After lotion

I started going to the tanning bed a few weeks ago. I have very light skin and don't tan easily, but I basically go so I won't burn in the summer! I bought this lotion last week and I love it!! Right after I tan I go home shower and lather this stuff on. It's an anti-aging and slimming lotion that is suppose to extend your tan life. I love the smell - it reminds me of vanilla. It costs about $20 and keeps your skin silky smooth!

3. Pledge Wood Floor CleanerWe have mostly hardwood floors in our house and I love this stuff! It makes it so easy to clean them. You just damp a mop and squirt this stuff on the floor and clean away! How much more simple can you get?

4. Voluspa Candles
My sweet cousin gave me some of these candles for Christmas one year and I've been obsessed ever since. Crisp Champagne is my favorite scent. They are small candles, but they really do the job. One candle can smell up your whole house! This 5 oz candle will run you about $9. The 10 oz is $20. Definitely worth the price!

These are just a few of my current favs. I'm always wanting to try new products - What are some of your favorites?


  1. Let me know how the tanning bed thing goes! I'm super-pale too so anything that can help avoid burning is awesome!

    I also love Food Network stuff. I adore Alton Brown because he makes the process of cooking make so much sense!

  2. I've gone to the tanning bed for years and it has always helped prevent me from burning in the summer. I have to start out slow - like only going for 5 minutes the very first time. I know it's not good for my skin, but I always feel better *and thinner* when I go. When I signed up last month I got a free sunless tanning session and I'm going to try it out today!