Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out and About

Every time someone asks me when or if I'm going back to work I cringe.  I hate thinking about it.  All I want to do is stay home with Addi bug.  Unfortunately I have to go back.  Trust me if my husband told me I could stay home I would in a heartbeat!  Maybe one day it will become a reality.  Who knows what the future holds!  I go back on the 24th and I only have 1 1/2 weeks left with her.

We spent today just running around town getting some things done before I go back.  We first went to get my eyebrows waxed - exciting, I know!  :)  Carol, who does my eyebrows, loved Addi.  Next, we went to my Mamaw and Papa's house.  Mamaw kept me from the time I was 6 weeks old until I was about 12.  I love them like my own grandparents!  She treated me just like one of her grandchildren.  I loved staying there because her grandchildren were always there for me to play with and she had a swimming pool! I spent pretty much every day of every summer in the pool.  I hope Addi loves the water as much as I did.  I loved getting to introduce Addi to them and just spending time with them.  It made me realize that I need to go over there more often.

Our last visit was to the daycare.  I had some questions and some paper work that I needed to fill out.  I spent some time looking for the right daycare and I'm very pleased with the decision we made.  I started looking right when I found out I was pregnant b/c some places had 2 year waiting lists! It's crazy!  I'm going to be a basketcase the first week I have to drop her off.  Tears will be flowing I'm sure.

Tomorrow begins Addi's first day of physical therapy.  They are coming to the house in the morning and I'm curious to see what all they are going to do. 

On another note, our anniversary is Monday! I can't believe it's been two years already.  Time has flown by.  We ended up buying each other Sony Reader's as our gifts - real romantic, I know! I knew if we bought one and tried to share it then we would probably fight over it, so we just went ahead and bought two! Brad loves to read and I'm hoping this will encourage me to read also.  We ordered them off the internet and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival! 


  1. I will be praying for you. I know first hand how hard it it to leave your sweet baby girl and head back to the work force. I am blessed to work with such amazing women that made the transition easier, but I would give anything to be at home with Megan. I will be praying for a smooth transition for both you and Addi.

  2. I'm glad Mamaw and Papa got to meet Addi, but now I am VERY jealous (of course I want to meet you "for real" too!) Jeff normally goes over to do their yards on Wednesday but decided this week to wait until tomorrow. Oh well, I'm sure he'll hear all about it tomorrow!

  3. Mary Beth - Hoyt and Blake gave me a Sony Book Reader year before last for Christmas and I love it! I read alot so it makes traveling so much easier. I also have several books at my fingertips instead of having to take a suitcase full with me! I hope that you and Brad enjoy yours as much as I do. I know going back to work and leaving Addi will be hard. I will say a prayer for you.