Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Work I Go...

Monday was my first day back at work and Addi's first day at daycare.  I was nervous dropping her off, but I didn't cry.  I was VERY proud of myself! The director told me to feel free to call during the day to check up on her.  I only called once and they said she was doing great.  I had such a bad attitude about going back to work and it really wasn't as bad as I expected.  It was kind of nice getting out of the house! Although, I still missed Addi very much.  I know she is being taken care of though.  Several people called me during the day to tell me that they had been praying and thinking about me.  I know this is what made my transition back to work easier! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

I have had to be a little better organized and prepared since going back to work.  It's not easy getting up at 5:00 am and getting myself and a little one ready for the day.  So the night before I prepare bottles, diaper bag and both mine and Brad's lunches.  This makes everything so much easier in the morning!  One of the things that has helped me prepare for the next day is this...
A Cuisinart wand hand mixer!  While spending many hours of my day with the nurses in the NICU, I asked a lot of questions.  I had no clue how to take care of a baby and they were very helpful and offered up a lot of advice. One of the nurses told me to buy one of these mixers and use it to mix her formula for the day.  I would never have thought of that!  I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond that day and bought one.  However, I never used it until this past Sunday night.  I thought I would give it a try since I had to make 3 bottles for her day at daycare.  She eats about three 5 oz. bottles while she is there and this mixer comes with a mixing container that holds 15 oz!  I just fill it up with water, put the right amount of formula in and mix away! It was mixed in seconds - I'm now obsessed! Definitely a must have for a mom with a formula fed baby :)

I have been cutting coupons all night preparing for my grocery trip tomorrow.  Brad and I have to start saving a lot more money now b/c we put an offer on a house!!! Most of you know my dislike for our current house.  I'm ALWAYS looking at houses on the internet and bugging Brad about buying one.  For the most part he just ignores me and continues whatever he's doing.  Well, he finally listened!  He called our real estate agent Friday to ask about a house he had seen on a website.  He set up an appointment for us to go see it Saturday morning.  We walked around the house for about an hour and another hour later we were putting in an offer!  I'm SO excited!  This house has so much more room than the one we are in now.  One of the things I was looking for in a house was a big laundry room.  I hate our laundry "closet" we have now.  Well, this house has one!  Storage is also a downfall of the house we are in now.  The new house has a basement which will help out tremendously!  We still haven't heard if the they have accepted our offer, but maybe we will hear something by the end of the week.  We still have a lot to do before we even think about putting our current house on the market.  We are prepared to sit on it for at least a year b/c of the bad economy.  Renting it out has also crossed our minds, but who knows!  So if we do get the new house we will be paying two mortgages which means we have to save every dime we have.  Please pray our house sells quickly!

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