Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

I woke up so excited this morning b/c I couldn't wait to go see Addi. I went in with my boppy in hand b/c they said if she was moved to a crib then we could hold her as much as we want. The nurse saw me walk in and she came up to me and said that after Addi had been for her tests this morning that she had a poopie diaper and there was blood in it. My heart sank. I just knew she had NEC again and we would be here for another 10-14 days. I spoke with the doctor and he said the X-rays came back normal so they don't think it is NEC. Her blood work also came back normal, but he went ahead and started antibiotics just as a precaution. They are thinking that she has a feeding intolerance to the food they were giving her. The GI doctor is supposed to come see her in the morning and give his opinion. Meanwhile, they have moved her back into the warmer bed and stopped feeding her again in order to let her tummy rest. The nurse said she might have to be switched to a more sensitive formula and warned me it was really expensive. I was thinking - how expensive could it be?? She informed me it was $200 a can!!!! A can will last a week. This means her formula is going to be about $800 a month!!! That's crazy expensive. Thankfully, we both have good jobs and can afford it, but we will definitely have to cut back on other things. Hopefully insurance will cover some of it. I really don't care how much money we have to spend b/c I just want her healthy.

We went to see her again at 8:00 and apparently she had been VERY irritable and had just fallen asleep. Not wanting to disturb her, we just sat and watched her sleep. We ended up leaving after only an hour b/c I wanted to leave when she was content and asleep rather than fussy and crying. That would break my heart!

How about some good news? Both of her tests she went for this morning came back normal. That means there is no sign of stroke or blood clots!

Please pray:
* There is no more blood in her stool
* She doesn't have NEC
* There is no permanent brain damage
* The swelling continues to go down
* She tolerates the new formula better once they start feeding her again

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