Friday, March 19, 2010


I was in the NICU this morning bright and early ready to meet with the Neurologist. Brad wanted to be there so bad, but he couldn't get off work. Without going into all of the details he basically said that the swelling had significantly decreased, but we still aren't out of the woods yet. I had a million questions and he was patient with me and answered them all. Obviously, this isn't the news we wanted to receive, but we still have hope that no problems will occur later on. She has 3 tests to go through on Monday - she will be a busy girl!

They started her feedings today and so far so good. She has taken her bottle so well and we are very proud!

Brad is feeling much better and was able to see Addi for the first time in 3 days tonight. He got to hold her for about 30 minutes. He was so excited!

I'm sorry this entry is so short, but I'm exhausted and about to fall asleep!

Please pray:
* No problems occur later and Addi leads a normal healthy life
* She has good results on her tests Monday
* She continues to respond well to her feedings
* The infection in her stomach doesn't come back
* That Brad and I are able to get some rest this weekend

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