Sunday, March 14, 2010

Five of Ten

This weekend has been pretty quiet for the most part. During the week there are so many people at the hospital and on the weekends it's like a ghost town. Brad's 30th birthday was Saturday. I know this isn't the way he wanted to spend it, but I think he still had a pretty good day. Saturday night we went to see Addi and I asked the nurse if he could hold her b/c it was his birthday. Of course she said yes! Brad was thrilled! They don't really want us to hold her a lot right now b/c of the IV in her head. I think this was the best birthday present he received...
Not much has changed with Addi over the past few days. She is on day 5 of her 10 day bowel rest. The nurse said she has been really good considering she hasn't eaten in 5 days. I get ill after skipping just one meal so I couldn't even imagine not eating for 5 days! Saturday they should start slowly introducing food back to her. Pray that her body responds well to it and the infection doesn't come back. If it comes back, then they have to start the 10 day bowel rest all over again.

Brad took a few pictures on our visits we had with her today. Here are my favorites...

This week is going to be really hard for Brad and me. He has to back to work tomorrow morning, so I will be making trips to see Addi by myself. I know this is killing him and it's going to be hard for him to concentrate on work since all he will be able to think about is his little girl in the NICU. He's going to try his hardest to make trips over here at lunch to see her. The visiting hours in the afternoon are from 4-6 and then 8-10:30. If he gets off work at 5:30, he wont be able to see her until 8 b/c there's no way he could get there in enough time to see her before 6. Please pray that he adjusts well to going back to work and maybe it will help him get his mind off of everything.

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