Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Bump in the Road...

Addison Kerr Alston arrived 3/4/10 at 5:02 pm. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long. She has a head full of hair and is absolutely perfect! I think she has a tint of red in her hair, but of course Brad disagrees :) It's really a light brown color. Here is a picture right after she was born...
The night she was born the nurse wanted to take her to the nursery so Brad and I could both get some rest. She brought her back into the room when it was time for her feedings. So, she came in and fed about 3 times during the night. The next morning, she was brought back to us so we could care for her during the day. Brad had gone home to shower and to bring a few things back to the hospital that we had forgot. While he was gone his mom came to sit with me. The pediatrician from Peds East came to check on Addi. After taking her vitals and changing her diaper, she said she was a healthy baby. About 5 minutes later the RN came in to check on Addi and she noticed Addi had turned a blueish color. She immediately took her to be examined and they quickly got her to the NICU.

My OB-GYN came in to tell me the situation. I tried not to panic, but I was scared to death. Another nurse came in to tell us that Addi had started having seizures while in the NICU. These seizures cause her to loose Oxygen and therefore stop breathing and turn the blue color that we had all seen earlier. I immediately called Brad and he quickly came back to the hospital. When he got there they allowed him to go see her in the NICU. I couldn't go because I was still hooked to an IV getting antibiotics. Plus, I had to get myself and my emotions under control. I needed to be strong for our baby girl.

Our parents and other family members and friends began piling in the room. There was A LOT of prayer going on! They finally let me off the IV for a minute so I could go see her. It was the most heart breaking moment standing there looking at our baby girl who had been perfectly fine the night before now having to be in a warmer with IV's stuck everywhere and hooked to all different machines.

The Neonatologist came to talk to us and of course told us the worst case scenerios. He felt that the seizures could be caused by a sub-hematoma on her brain - this is what we would want it to be b/c it would just go away in a few weeks - or the seizures could be caused by her having a stroke. He said only an MRI would give us some of the results we needed. Once they gave Addi the meds she needed to calm down the seizures, they took her back for an MRI. She began having the seizures again once the MRI was over with. The pediatric radiologist noticed swelling in her brain from the MRI results. I about lost it. Actually, I did lose it! All I could think was "my barely 1 day old daughter has swelling on her brain?? Why? How? What happens next? What can I do to help? I need to fix this!" - These were all the things running through my mind.

Brad and I went down to see her again once visiting hours began and they had put an oxygen tube down her throat. That killed us inside to see that. The neonatal nurses are amazing and they have done everything they can to help us understand what is going on. They have been VERY patient with us.

When Brad and I went to see her this morning, we found out she hadn't had a seizure since about 1:30 am. This is a great improvement! It seems like they finally have the right amount of seizure meds in her system for them to stop right now. Also, she is relying a little less on her ventilator. Hopefully these seizures will stay under control with the meds and she will be able to breath completely on her own! This is one of our many many prayers right now b/c once she is off the ventilator and her seizures are under control, we can actually hold her! They have allowed us to touch her, but we can't hold her until these things have been accomplished.

We have been taking pictures of her and video taping her like crazy! Here are a few that we have taken...

These past few days have become a blur to us and we figured this would be the best avenue to keep people up to date on what is happening. I'm sure I have left a lot of things out, but I will have to update later b/c it's all I can do to keep my eyes open!

We do want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We know that we will be taking Addi home one day (hopefully soon), but until then God has her in his loving care. Thank you.

Mary Beth and Brad


  1. Mary Beth please know we are praying for y'all and that sweet baby girl. We love y'all.

  2. We have been praying for you guys since I talked to Shannon the other night. I hope that everything continues to improve and quickly!

  3. I am truly sorry you are having to go through such a hard time with your new baby! I know your world must be turned upside down. I will be praying for Addi, you and Brad. I'm glad she is getting better and hopefully you can hold her soon. She is beautiful!

  4. Mamaw and Papa send their love and prayers, and so do Jeff and I.

  5. Mary Beth and Brad,

    I will pray for you and your baby "Addi" to get well. I know that God will heal your baby and give you comfort during this time of illness.

    "Father God, We ask in your son Jesus' name that your will be done in this child. We never forget to give you the praise and honor because you are God and you deserve all the praise. Whatever illness that has attacked this sick child we ask that it be removed and the health and spirit be restored. We thank you in advance for renewed health. These and other blessings we ask in your darling son Jesus' name, Amen!"

    Bless you and your family!