Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Shower

This past weekend I had my first baby shower. My aunts wanted to throw a small shower with just family and close friends. They live in Gadsden and I don't see them very often. It was so nice just spending time with everyone. Addi got so many great things! She got tons of clothes, diapers, a pack and play, bouncers, a swing and so much more! She is so blessed to have people who already love and care about her enough to buy her the things she will need for her first months in this world. I still have two more showers to go and I'm not sure where i'm going to put everything!

Brad went hunting this past weekend. As soon as he got home, I put him to work in the nursery. Everything has been moved except for the 500 lb gun safe that will be moved by this Friday before he goes hunting again! Only two more weekends of him being gone and then I can really put him to work helping me out around the house.

It has been more difficult getting up and going to work lately. I sit at a desk for pretty much 8 hours a day and I'm just really uncomfortable. Today, I decided to take my shoes off at my desk and didn't think I was going to be able to put them back on b/c my feet were so swollen! My shoes will stay on my feet from now on :)

Last night we went to our third "Preparing for Parenthood" class at St. Vincents. Our nurse took us on a tour of the birthing suites and we were able to see exactly where to go and what we need to bring to the hospital when the time comes. Everything looked so nice and the rooms were a lot bigger than I expected. I guess I need to start packing my bag b/c I only have about 7 weeks left!

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