Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

As I said in the previous post, we went to Nashville this past weekend. It was such a nice little getaway!! Friday night we packed the car and headed north. We ended up not getting there until 10:30. When Brad went to check us in, they informed him that we had been upgraded to a suite for free! We ended up going straight to bed b/c we were both worn out from the workday. Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. YUM! Then we spend the rest of the morning shopping at Opry Mills. It was jam packed full of people. After our shopping adventure (and a pit stop to Baskin Robbins :)) we went back to the hotel to watch the Bama game. I watched the first half and then decided to take a nap. After about 10 minutes of napping, I wake up to the sound of Bradley clapping his hands. He tends to "speed clap" really loud when he's excited about whatever game he's watching haha. I couldn't go back to sleep and ended up watching the rest of the game with him. After the game, we went out for some pizza! Sunday - we woke up early and went back to Opry Mills to shop some more! We had plans of going to see the ICE! exhibit at the Opryland Hotel, but tickets were $25 per person and we decided that it wasn't worth it. Even though we didn't do much except shop and eat, it was still so much fun and I'm glad we went!

I have so much to do before Addi gets here and I feel like I don't have enough time!! I haven't even started on the nursery yet!! Her bedding is being made and won't be ready until the beginning of February. That is seriously all I have done! I'm such a slacker.

Addi must be pushing on my lungs or something b/c I haven't been able to breath very well these past few days. I guess this is normal?? I go to the Dr. next Monday so I guess I will find out then!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Second Time Around

I started a blog a few months ago, but I could not manage to keep it updated. I thought I would give it another try!

I can't believe it's December already! Even though my Christmas decor is out, it still doesn't feel like Christmas to me. My mom and I went shopping on black Friday. We were at Belk at 3:30 am. They were giving out gift cards to the first 250 people. Mom got a $5 card and I managed to get a $25 card! I used to it to buy this cute Jessica Simpson purse.

The only gift that I bought that day was a digital camera for my parents. I'm still on the lookout for good deals on a netbook and a digital camcorder.

Brad and I are going to Nashville this weekend. I'm so excited! This will be our last trip together before little Addi gets here. We don't have any definite plans except for where we are staying. I guess we will just decide what to do when we get there!

Addi has been more active lately and I love it! Except, I think she's bouncing on my bladder just to see how many times a day I can go to the restroom :) I love watching my belly move every time she kicks. I thought it would weird me out, but it's the best thing ever! I can't wait until she gets here. Only 3 more months! My next doctor's visit I have to do the glucose test and I really hope I pass b/c I for sure don't want to take the 3 hour test.

I don't have any up to date pictures, but hopefully we can take some this weekend while we are in Nashville. I have a fancy camera that I have no clue how to use! I'll try to read up on it and learn how to take pics with it this weekend!